Rapid Site Check: the fastest and most cost effective method for an early "heads up" on the potential for major heritage related issues on your site. Normally a 24 hour turnaround.

Initial Heritage Risk Appraisal: a more detailed look at the site than the Rapid Site Check. Includes graphical representation of heritage assets and explores the potential for previously undiscovered archaeology on your site.

Planning Applications

Heritage Statement: The NPPF states that a planning application should generally be accompanied by a heritage statement which sets out the archaeological and cultural interest of a site.  A heritage statement may also be tailored to more specific issues such as the setting of an individual heritage asset such as a Listed Building, or the effects of a proposed development on the character of a Conservation Area or the historic landscape. These site and issue focused documents can normally be completed within a fortnight of commission.

Historic Environment Desk Based Assessment: Broader brushed than the heritage statement, a DBA is often required by the local authority's archaeological advisor, particularly where more complex archaeology/heritage issues are apparent. A DBA can normally be completed within 15 working days of commission.

Environmental Impact Assessment: Armour Heritage specialise in EIA. From early site appraisal through the planning process to submission of the Environmental Statement, AH offer a comprehensive service including completion of all documentation, masterplanning advice, attendance at project team meetings and commission & management of archaeological fieldwork in situations where this is required at the pre-submission stage.

Procurement and management of fieldwork services: Should work beyond initial assessment be required prior to determination of a planning application, AH can source an appropriate contractor through a rapid tendering process, from geophysical survey to large-scale field evaluations or open area excavations.


Post-Planning & Discharge of Conditions

Armour Heritage offers a suite of full tender consultancy services. Where applications have archaeological conditions attached, AH can find you the right archaeological contractor for the job, from watching briefs to full scale archaeological excavations. Drawing from many years' experience, AH will carefully select the best options available from a number of trustworthy, locally or nationally based archaeological contractors, guaranteeing the conditions are discharged appropriately and cost-effectively.